Episode 1

What is a Podcast?

Published on: 4th February, 2021

On this podcast, Bob Thibodeau answers your questions about podcasting!

In some form of podcasting or radio broadcasting since 2009, Bob has helped many others create, grow and monetize their podcast over the years. He is the founder of the "Podcasters For Christ" platform that helps Christians start a podcast, grow their podcasts and even prepare them for radio broadcasting!

Today we answer the question, "What is a Podcast?"

For more information on Podcasters for Christ, please visit https://podcastersforchrist.com

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About the Podcast

Podcasters for Christ Podcast
Answering Your Questions About Christian Podcasting
Pastor Bob Thibodeau answers your questions about Christian podcasting.

If you are a Christian and have an existing podcast you want to grow and make better, or you are thinking of starting a podcast, Pastor Bob is here to help.

In this podcast, Pastor Bob takes the questions he has been asked over the years and dedicates a complete episode to answering these questions for you.

About your host

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Bob Thibodeau

Retired LEO, Veteran of 12 years active Army (Cavalry Officer).
Podcaster since 2009 (several podcasts; KCRPodcast.com since 2018 with 750+ episodes and almost 700 interviews in 3 years)...
Founder of highly rated online Christian radio station, "Evangelism Radio" (2010)...
Founder of the first ever Christian Podcast Hosting & Marketing Platform "FaithCasters.net" (2020)...
Conference Speaker (Podcasting; Leadership; Team Building)...
Visti https://podcast-training.com